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Gazam, a physician-developed EMR software, offers a seamless and efficient solution for managing patient records and medical practice operations. Designed to overcome the limitations of existing EMR systems, Gazam stands out for its ease of use, speed, and compatibility with both Windows tablets and desktops. Its customizable features cater specifically to various healthcare provider needs, making it a unique and powerful tool in the industry. Gazam not only streamlines billing and coding, leading to increased revenues, but also solves common issues like lost superbills, ensuring organized and effective medical record management. As an innovative and user-friendly platform, Gazam is revolutionizing healthcare administration, prioritizing provider efficiency and patient care.

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Gazam Medical service ensures innovative and efficient solutions. We design and develop cutting-edge medical technology for healthcare.
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Gazam Legal offers innovative solutions for the legal industry, creating advanced technology to boost practice efficiency, client results, and case management for lawyers.
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Our Healthcare IT Solutions service provides robust and secure IT infrastructure for the medical industry, ensuring seamless operations and data management.
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